The Clear Solution To Glaring Sunlight Problems

Transparent Shades are a lamination of Metallized Mylar and Dyed Mylar for Heat, Glare & Fade Control. These layers are joined with heat and pressure to form a flexible and durable transparent shade material.

Decorative Heat Blocking Shades
 The ultra-fine layer of aluminum on a screen fabric dramatically improves the solar energy performance, whilst demonstrating excellent view through. Besides SilverScreen adds a contemporary style to architectural design on the interior as well as the exterior of the building; functional meets decorative.

SilverScreen is produced environmentally friendly, it has the Oko-Tex Standard 100 certificate and is formaldehyde free. This means that SilverScreen does not contain any harm causing elements for our health. Besides, during the summer SilverScreen keeps the warmth outside. Due to the reflecting metal layer and it will reduce the loss of warmth during the winter. This results in considerable savings on the costs of energy (air-conditioning, heating, etc), but it also reduces the amount of CO2-emissions.

SilverScreen can be called a Green Product

Benefits of the use of Silverscreen

SilverScreen combines excellent:

  • Visual Comfort
  • View through
  • Thermal Comfort

Visual comfort means:

  • No disability glare
  • No discomfort glare, or as less as possible
  • Limited luminance contrasts

View through means:

  • Good contact to the outside world
  • Less possible obstructions
  • Possible conflicts with glare control

Thermal Comfort means:

  • Reduced radiation heat
  • Better temperature control
  • No downdraught near windows
Stop Light/Attractively Priced

Ideal for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and School applications.

An important consideration where fire safety is required.

Embossed surface for a clean smooth look.

Flame Resistance – meets the following codes:.

U.S. Federal Gov. Spec CCC-CO521E,
National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA)

#701 Small Scale Test. Boston Fire Dept. BFD 1X-1

California Fire Marshall Section 13115

4 Ply construction for years of service (3 Ply PVC-1 Ply Fiberglass). Fiber Glass provides dimensional stability. PVC provides the total light blocking coating.

Free from pin holes.

Welded bottom pockets and seams (if required) maintain excellent strength.

Stop light is Moisture resistant and easily cleaned with mild soap and water.

Available in 14 colors, – most with decorative color on the room side and a white reflective face on the street side to reduce heat absorption.

Available colors:

White, Egg Shell, Ecru, Champagne, Fawn, Linen,

Black/White, Gray/White, Green/White, Blue/White, Cocoa/White, Bayberry/White.

Wedgewood/White, Slate/ White

Samples available on request.

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Transparent Mylar Film Shades are the #1 energy saver. They are made of 4 mil Mylar (polyester). There is a thin heat reflective aluminum coating laminated between two glare-reducing sheets of dyed polyester. 99% of ultraviolet rays are rejected, heat is reduced by 74%, and glare is reduced by 90%. They provide daytime privacy, eliminating vision from the street side. You control the heat and glare during problem sun hours. They cut down on air-conditioning costs by maintaining an even comfortable temperature year round. Mylar shades also eliminate glare in the work area.

Storefront Display Window Shades

If you want to protect you inventory from harmful UV light, then you need our Storefront Window Shades. These shades will also reduce fading of merchandise and store fixtures, while also allowing your customers to see into your business. The material is made of several layers of Mylar joined with heat and pressure that forms a durable and flexible shade material. All shades are lead free. The material comes in three colors: Amber, Smoke/Tint, and Clear. Amber gives you the best protection, although there is a slight yellow cast and a darkening of the display window. Smoke/Tint is used for moderate fade conditions. These are best used on street level display windows. The Smoke/Tint provides the best glare and heat reduction without distorting colors. Clear provides fade protection from UV light only, with no discoloration of merchandise. It can be used in conjunction with awnings and building overhangs.


Amber-Intense Sun Fade Conditions
Use amber for the maximum Sun Fade protection. There is some darkening of the display windows and a slight yellow color cast. Often merchants will accept less Fade protection and use Silver Tint for greater vision into the Display Windows.

Silver Tint-Moderate Sun Fade Conditions
Silver Tint transmits the full color range eliminating color distortion.
75% effective as Amber.

Clear UV- Mild Sun Fade Conditions
Use in combination with Awnings or building overhangs. No color distortion. Fade protection only from Ultra Violet Light.
50 % effective as Amber.

The metallized layer reflects solar energy

  • Reject up to 74% of the sun’s heat in the summer.
  • Reduce glare by 90%.
  • Filters out 96% of ultraviolet rays to substantially reduce sun-fading of draperies and furniture.
  • Cuts down on air-conditioning costs.
  • Retains 25% of inside heat in the winter.
  • Increases comfort by maintaining an even, comfortable temperature year round.
  • Eliminates glare in the work area reducing eye strain and fatigue while increasing readability.
  • Designer colors to meet any decorating requirement.

Transparent woven shades are a mesh material. They filter light, reduce fading, control heat and cut glare, and can be either commercial or residential use. Woven shades are available in different openness factors and colors. The lighter colors block 30 % more heat than darker colors and allow more natural light in. The darker colors allow for sharper outward visibility and have more glare reduction. Woven shades are made of a combination of vinyl-coated fiberglass and vinyl-coated polyester yarns. The fabric is also bacterial and fungal resistant.

SilverScreen Shades
are an environmentally friendly Green Product. They are an excellent heat rejection in the summer and a reduction of heat loss in the winter. They eliminate 82% of the solar effects, with an openness factor between 4-6%. The transparent woven material has a highly reflective, ultra fine layer of aluminum vacuum bonded to the exterior facing the side of vinyl coated woven fiberglass. Then the fabric is given a special finish that protects the bond making it suited for roller shades. They repel dirt and dust for easy maintenance, are non-toxic, and are lead free. SilverScreen has been awarded the Greenguard Certification for Safe Indoor Air Quality, and also the Children and School Safety Certificate.

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